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The coronavirus and your company

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There are currently no corona restrictions in the Netherlands. Find out what your business can do to minimise the spread of coronavirus. Or learn which financial support measures and tax measures remain, and what the rules are for repaying corona support money you have received.

Corona measures and advice

All corona measures in the Netherlands have been removed. There is also no longer a requirement to wear facemasks at Dutch airports. Most basic advice has also been removed as of 10 March 2023. If you have possible corona symptoms, you no longer need to test. And if you have a positive corona (self-)test result, you no longer need to isolate.

The government does advise you to stay at home if you are ill. And to limit contact with anyone who is more vulnerable to becoming seriously ill.

Which advice is still in place?

Corona is still circulating in the Netherlands but many people suffer only mild symptoms. Therefore, with corona, the same advice now applies to the flu and the common cold. For example:

  • Are you sick? Stay at home.
  • Do you have light symptoms? Consider working from home.
  • Avoid physical contact with people at risk of becoming seriously ill. Is physical contact needed? Wear a facemask.

Advice for everybody, with or without symptoms:

  • Wash your hands often.
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow.
  • Ventilate indoor areas well.

Read all the basic rules on

Testing for Access (1G) is no longer required at events

Visitors no longer have to show a negative test result. Testing for Access (1G) is not required anymore at any event, large or small.

Corona support: financial measures

Most corona financial support measures are closed, but there is still some support for specific sectors and situations. Read more on the page Corona support for entrepreneurs.


The application period for the special extension of payment for most taxes ended on 31 March 2022. As of 1 April 2022, you have to pay your taxes on time again. You can come to a payment settlement with the Dutch Tax Administration.

Repaying corona support

Did you receive financial corona support? For some measures, such as the NOW, you have to file a final turnover statement for every 3-month period over which you received support. You may have to repay part of the support money received. Or do you have a tax debt, because you were granted a special extension?

Read more about repaying corona support: what you need to know and do.

Working from home and advice for working on location

You and your employees may work on location again. You no longer need to be distanced from each other on the work floor. The government urges employers to make it possible for their staff to work from home, for example for employees who worry about their health. For employees who are sick, the advice remains: stay at home.

Read more advice for working from home and on location.

Sector plans

The government, together with members from various sectors, has made plans for if there is another upsurge of coronavirus. These plans state what measures the sectors will take against corona if necessary. Read your sector's plan for more information on the measures you can take.

You can read all the available sector plans (in Dutch) on the VNO-NCW website.

Corona rules for travel

Do you need to travel abroad for your work, or do you organise travel? The international QR-code remains mandatory for some countries. You can find the international QR-code in the CoronaCheck app. Additional rules can apply in your destination country, for example, testing or vaccination.

View the up-to-date corona rules per country on

Returning to the Netherlands

There are no corona-related restrictions or requirements that apply for travelling into the Netherlands, regardless of where you travel from. Read the article on Travelling to the Netherlands from abroad for detailed information.

Information and advice

You can turn to these organisations for further information and advice:

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