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Corona self-testing for employees

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Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, VWS

As an employer, you can buy coronavirus self-tests for your employees. Your employees will be able to self-test for coronavirus. Learn more about the latest guidance for using self-tests.

When do you take a self-test?

Self-tests are a precaution. Employees can use a self-test if they possibly have coronavirus. Or if they have recently been in contact with someone who has tested positive. This goes for fully vaccinated persons as well, or people who have recovered from coronavirus.

Learn more about when to use a self-test.

No GGD test needed after positive self-test

Since April 11 2022, you do not have to take a public health service (GGD) test after a positive self-test. A self-test can determine if someone is infected with the coronavirus.

Healthcare workers can still take a GGD test. The test result from the GGD is more reliable than a self-test. This way, you better protect vulnerable people. Do you need a recovery certificate? For example, for an international trip. Then you can still take a GGD test.

Results of a self-test

Is the self-test positive? Then your employee probably has corona. Your employee must then isolate. Do the quarantine check for more information about the isolation period and measures.

If the self-test is negative, your employee probably does not have corona. Do they still have possible symptoms? If so, remain cautious. A self-test does not give complete certainty. Has your employee also been in contact with someone infected with corona? If so, the government advises them to avoid contact with the elderly and vulnerable people for 10 days.

Does your employee still have symptoms the next day? If so, they should do another self-test.

No obligation to self-test for coronavirus

Under no circumstances may you demand from your employees that they take a self-test. The employee must take the test of their own free will. Also, you may not forbid employees who refuse to take a self-test access to the workplace.

Test result is strictly private

A coronavirus test result is part of your employee’s health data (Dutch Data Protection Authority, DPA, in Dutch). These health data are strictly regulated under the GDPR. You are not allowed to register or process these data. Employees must always read their own test result.

This information is provided by

Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, VWS
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