Registering with a dispute committee for childcare and healthcare organisations

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Do you operate a childcare organisation (such as a childcare centre, playgroup or childminding agency) or healthcare organisation? You must be affiliated to an independent disputes committee.

Rules for childcare organisations

Do you run a childcare centre, playgroup, or childminding agency? You must register with the Childcare Disputes Committee (Geschillencommissie Kinderopvang, in Dutch). You are then also registered with the National Counter for Childcare Complaints (Klachtenloket Kinderopvang). You must inform the parents and the parents’ committee that you are affiliated to the dispute committee. You also must have a complaints procedure (in Dutch) yourself, in which you explain how you deal with complaints filed by parents or parent committees.

Parents and the parents’ committee can file a complaint with the Childcare Disputes Committee if:

  • you did not respond to a question or complaint within 6 weeks
  • you did not come to an agreement with the parents or parents’ committee on the handling of a complaint within 6 weeks
  • you do not have a (proper) complaints procedure
  • parents are unable to file a complaint with you, due to circumstances
  • the parents’ committee has a disagreement with you and wants to have it assessed independently

The Childcare Disputes Committee gives an independent ruling on each complaint. You must keep records of complaints for each location with an annual complaints report (klachtenverslag).

Rules for health care providers

If you are a care provider, you must join an accredited disputes committee. And you must have a complaints officer. The complaints officer informs the client about the complaints procedure and mediates between you and the client.

Organisations representing clients and healthcare providers can set up a dispute body. You must then apply to the CIBG for recognition of the dispute body (in Dutch).

You are responsible for handling complaints under the Care Sector Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wet kwaliteit, klachten en geschillen zorg, Wkkgz).

You must:

  • report medical mistakes to their client and add this information to their medical file
  • report and evaluate incidents
  • check credentials of new staff
  • report dismissal of a poorly performing employee with the Healthcare Inspectorate (IGZ)
  • appoint a free, dedicated complaint officer for clients
  • decide within 6 weeks on a complaint. If the complaint has not been handled satisfactorily, IGZ can be asked to take over. All decisions and requests for compensation are binding.

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