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Permit or exemption for street performers

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Are you a street performer? Do you, for example, want to play music, perform magic, or draw portraits in the streets? You usually need a permit or exemption from the municipality you want to perform in. In some municipalities a notification will suffice.

Find out more or arrange now

at your municipality, province, or water authority

Whether you need a permit often depends on:

  • the location you want to perform
  • with how many people you intend to perform
  • the time and duration of the performance
  • the amount of noise you will produce

Municipalities may designate areas where you are not allowed to perform at all.

Costs for a permit or exemption

When you apply for a permit or exemption you may have to pay municipal administrative charges (leges). This depends on the municipality. Consult the municipal authority for the costs to obtain a street performers permit or exemption.

Online application procedure via Message Box

You can apply for a dispensation for street performers also via Message Box. Message Box is a secure email system that enables you as an entrepreneur to exchange digital messages with Dutch government agencies.

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