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Fire safety measures

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If you have business premises in the Netherlands, taking measures to avoid potential fire hazards is mandatory. In the event of a fire, you must be able to control the development and spread of fire and smoke using non-flammable or fire retardant materials that comply with various standards. In some cases you will need to apply for an All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects regarding fire safety or submit a notification of occupancy to the municipal authority. Statutory rules and regulations also apply to:

  • fire alarm and evacuation alarm systems
  • fire extinguishing equipment
  • exits and escape routes
  • systems for heating and cooking purposes
  • upholstery and decorations
  • lighting systems and lighting equipment

Where to find information and advice?

  • You will find regulations about fire safety in documents such as the 2012 Building Decree (Bouwbesluit 2012).
  • If you are looking for a summary of rules and laws that apply to fire safety, please check the Fire Safety Knowledge Centre's websiteExternal link (Netherlands Institute for Safety, NIFV) (Dutch).
  • In the Fire Safety Systems Inspection SchedulesExternal link (Inspectieschema Brandbeveiligingssystemen) (Dutch) from the Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety (CCV), you will find the requirements with which your fire safety system must comply.
  • In some municipalities, the local fire brigadeExternal link (brandweer) may provide free advice about how to make your premises safe from fire.

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This article is related to:

This information is provided by

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