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Product price labelling

This information is provided by Netherlands Enterprise Agency

In the Netherlands, if you offer products for sale to consumers the prices of these products must be clearly labelled in euros (including VAT). In some instances, you must also indicate a price per measurement unit (e.g. price per kilogram, litre or metre). You must display the price clearly and unambiguously. The price must be legible at close distance. The sale price for items displayed in the shop window must be clearly legible from the outside.

Advertisements and offers

Price labelling regulations also apply to advertisements. If the regular price of a product is the recommended selling price, this must be clearly indicated. If you offer a discount, the product must have been available for the original, higher price no longer than 3 months beforeExternal link introducing the discount.


In some cases and for some products, it is not mandatory to display the price per unit of measurement. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy provides an overview of the exemptions included in the Dutch Price Labelling Decree (Besluit Prijsaanduidingen).

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency