Vehicle export

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

If you want to export a vehicle from the Netherlands, you must have it deregistered. To this end, you register the vehicle for export with the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW). If you need to drive the vehicle on Dutch public roads while exporting, an export registration number is required as well as black and white licence plates.

Registering a vehicle for export

There are two ways in which you can register a vehicle for exportExternal link:

  • You register the vehicles online through a recognised Export Service (erkenning ED).
  • You complete an export statement and submit it to one of the 16 RDW inspection stations or to the Customer Service Desk in Zoetermeer or Veendam.

Certificate of Conformity for vehicles

If you export a vehicle, you have to deal with import and registration procedures in the destination country. The manufacturer issues a Certificate of Conformity (Certificaat van Overeenstemming, CVO) for a vehicle that has been built in accordance with a European type approvalExternal link. It shows that the vehicle meets the relevant admission requirements. The CVO contains the technical details and the EC type approval number. You will need this number in order to obtain a car registration in an EU Member State.

Export number plates

So-called export plates are required. You put the existing licence plate numbers onto white plates with indelible black ink. You can make these licence plates yourself but you need to make sure that they are legible in bad weather as well. You can also have them made at an approved number plate manufacturerExternal link (pdf,in Dutch). With these export plates and registration certificate part II you can drive on Dutch public roads for a maximum of 14 days. During this period your vehicle needs to be insured and have a valid PTI (APK).

Transit number plate

If you want to transport a vehicleExternal link through the Netherlands without a Dutch licence plate, you require a temporary transit number plate from RDW. The vehicle also has to meet certain requirements. You can obtain a transit number plate from one of the RDW inspection stations.


On 31 January 2020 the UK has left the European Union, which marks the start of the transition period until 31 December 2020. During this transition period, the UK is no longer a member of the EU, but will still be subject to EU regulations. If you export vehicles, e11 type approvalsExternal link may then no longer be valid in the EU. Likewise EU type approvals may not be automatically recognised in the UK. UNECE type approvals are not affected. For more information on UK type approval to trade in the UK after Brexit, you can check the Vehicle Certification Agency websiteExternal link.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO