Vehicle export

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Do you want to export a vehicle from the Netherlands? You must register the vehicle for export with the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW).

Registering a vehicle for export

You can register a vehicle for export:

Please note: You must register each vehicle separately for export.

Export number plates

Have you registered a vehicle for export? So-called export plates are required. For an export licence plate you put the existing licence plate numbers onto white plates with indelible black ink. You can make these licence plates yourself but you need to make sure that they are legible in bad weather as well. You can also have them made at an approved number plate manufacturer (in Dutch). With these export plates and registration certificate part II (evidence of export) you can drive on Dutch public roads for a maximum of 14 days. During this period your vehicle needs to be insured and have a valid PTI (APK).

Transit number plate

If you want to transport a vehicle through the Netherlands without a Dutch licence plate, you require a temporary transit licence number from RDW. The vehicle also has to meet certain requirements. You can obtain a transit licence number certificate from one of the RDW inspection stations.

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