Registering a vehicle in customer's name

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Do you sell a new vehicle or a vehicle from your company’s stock? You must put the registration in the new owner’s name (transfer). You can do this yourself, if your company is authorised to do so.

Changing vehicle registration

If you want to be able to transfer a registration certificate online yourself, your company needs to be authorised. You apply for authorisarion for Vehicle Registration (bevoegdheid Tenaamstellen Voertuigbedrijf) to the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW, in Dutch). In order to apply, you first need an acknowledgement vehicles in company stock. You can also apply for the TV authorisation and acknowledgement of vehicles in stock at the same time.

Digital authorisation

You need a digital (online) authorisation from the new owner before you can transfer a vehicle registration. For this, you first need to print the digital client authorisation form (digitale machtiging, in Dutch), which the new owner must sign . After the signing, you can transfer the vehicle in the name of the buyer. You must keep this signed authorisation for at least 2 years and destroy it after 3 years at the latest. After RDW has checked and authorised the information you entered regarding a registration transfer, the RDW will send the vehicle registration card (kentekencard) to the new owner.

Have a vehicle registration changed

You can have a registration changed at the registration counter of the following locations:

Accelerated issue of vehicle registration certificates

If you import or manufacture vehicles and want to apply online for vehicle registration certificates for cars, motorcycles or trailers (new, unused vehicles with type approval) without the need to have them inspected first, you can use the accelerated issue authorisation (Versnelde Inschrijving, VI). In order to obtain this authorisation (in Dutch), you need a company supply stock acknowledgement from RDW and must be registered with a provider. You can also apply for both the VI and the acknowledgement at the same time.

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