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Business legal expenses insurance

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With a business legal expenses insurance you are insured for legal assistance in the event of a conflict with suppliers, employees, or customers. For example, when your customers do not pay or if your supplier does not stick to agreements. Or if an employee does not agree with their dismissal or employment contract.

In case of a legal conflict, your insurer will try to resolve the conflict on your behalf. You do not have to pay for a lawyer or call in other legal advisors for this.

A business legal expenses insurance is not mandatory.

If you run a business, you may encounter conflicts that can have legal consequences. The costs involved can be high. Legal expenses insurance for entrepreneurs can save you a lot of costs and problems.

Many legal insurance policies also cover mediation and legal advice. It is better for all parties to avoid legal proceedings or lawsuits. This includes: advice on personnel, social legislation, or the purchase, rent, and maintenance of business premises.

What is usually not insured?

A number of situations are usually not covered by business legal insurance. For example, legal conflicts and disputes regarding:

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