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Seed capital for innovative businesses

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

The Innovation funds for SMEs builds on existing financing tools. One of these is the Seed Capital arrangement.

Using the Seed Capital scheme, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy aims to support techno and creative start-ups. The ministry grants capital to investment funds that invest risk capital in innovative entrepreneurs in the technological and creative sector through this scheme. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is responsible for its implementation.

What is a seed fund?

A seed fund is a special type of private equity fund specifically intended for innovative (techno and creative) start-ups. Private investors provide half the capital required and the Ministry of Economic Affairs matches this investment. The government does this to encourage investment firms to invest in young and high-risk ventures. The private investors then manage the fund.

Foreign investors

The admission scheme for foreign investorsExternal link in the Netherlands has been simplified.

Applying to a seed fund

You can apply for seed funding from the fund directly. Every seed fund has its own scope and focus on a given sector or industry. Find out if seed fundsExternal link exist for your business or sector.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO