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Identity documents

This information is provided by Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Valid identity documentsExternal link can be: a Dutch passport, identity card, driving licence or motorcycle driving licence (category AM). A copy of one of these is not a valid identity document.


For identification documents maximum price ceilings are set by the government. The tariffs for all available documents are listed in the travel documents tariff list 2017External link (Dutch).

Real or fake?

An identity document has a number of authenticating featuresExternal link, such as the shadow watermark, a tactile relief and the document number.

Identification employees and customers

When you hire new employees, you must verify their identity. In a number of sectors you must also verify your customer's identity (for instance in the healthcare sector and for the visitor register in the hospitality sector). They can identify themselves with their passport, identity card or alien’s identity document. In some cases, using a driving licence for identification purposes is not allowed.

Copying identity documents

You are not allowed to copy your customer’s or employee’s identity document, except when you are required to do so by law. Hence, as an employer you are required to keep a copy of your employees’ identity document in your personnel records

Using someone else‘s identity document

You are not allowed to use someone else’s travel document, for example a passport. You are also not allowed to use someone else's driving licence, immigration document or company access pass.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency