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Inland navigation licence and permit

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency

If you sail a ship on Dutch inland waterways, in most cases you need a navigation licence (vaarbewijs). There are four types:

  • Small licence (klein vaarbewijs)
  • Conditional large licence (beperkt groot vaarbewijs)
  • Large licence (groot vaarbewijs)
  • Pleasure boats licence (groot plezierbewijs)

The type of licence you require depends on factors such as the length and function of your ship. For a 'small licence', you need to sit an examination with VAMEX FoundationExternal link. The 'conditional large licence' and the 'large licence' can be obtained from the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driving TestingExternal link (CBR, in Dutch). Depending on the type of licence, you must satisfy a number of conditions with regard to education and health.

Navigation permit

In order to sail a number of specific waters, you need a navigation permit (vaarvergunning). You can obtain a navigation permit from the municipal authorities or the water board for the area in which the body of water is situated. Navigation permits are usually required for the waterways indicated in blue and pale yellow on the water chartsExternal link (in Dutch) published by the Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB). These are vulnerable nature conservation areas and waterways.

New rules in 2019

As of 1 Janaury 2019, a navigation licence will be obligatory for floating construction equipment and large pleasure boats (over 20 metres or 100m3). Floating construction equipment and any other ships used for construction are to be subject to the same regulations as inland shipping vessels.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency