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Transporting imported goods

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Do you import goods? You can have your supplier arrange the transport of goods from abroad. Or you can arrange it yourself. For example, through a forwarding agent. You will have to deal with transport documents, delivery conditions, rules concerning safety and packaging requirements etc. Read here about arranging the transport of goods from abroad.

Arrange transport yourself or have it done

There are several differnt ways of arranging transportation:

Check the rules for safety, health, economy and environment

When you are transporting imported goods you have to observe the rules and regulations concerning safety, health, economy, and environment (VGEM). For example, when you are transporting waste or hazardous substances.

There are also specific rules for transporting the following products:

Check the packaging requirements

The transporting or expedition company may have special packaging requirements, depending on the mode of transport. Discuss this beforehand.

Check the requirements for packaging in the Netherlands. Also check the rules applying to wood products such as wooden pallets. As an importer you may also have to deal with rules about packaging waste and the waste management fee.

ICC Incoterms® - international delivery conditions

For international transport, make use of the ICC Incoterms®. These are international standards for goods transport, to cover for instance:

  • Who arranges the transport from where to where
  • Who is responsible for transport insurance, licences, documents, and customs procedures
  • At what point the transport liability transfers from seller to buyer.

Statistics: inbound transport

Share of (selection of) transport modes in total inbound transport of commodities to the Netherlands.

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