European Union subsidies: how do I apply?

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The European Union (EU) offers grants or subsidies in several fields. Some are distributed by the government, some by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, some by the EU itself. Your company may be eligible for EU funding.

Call for proposal

When an EU grant opens, a Call for proposal is issued. This Call determines the period in which you can apply. To apply, you usually have to submit a plan. You have to meet the conditions stated in the Call.

Where do I find the EU subsidies?

There are several websites on which you can find information on EU subsidies and how to apply for them:

On this website

The EU subsidies listed on this website under Subsidies – International are all managed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. You can find basic information on the subsidies on our pages, but if you are interested in applying you should visit the Netherlands Enterprise Agency Subsidies and Programmes tool.

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