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Addresses and Buildings Databases (BAG)

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The Addresses and Buildings Databases (BAG) is an automated system in which Dutch municipalities keep their information about local addresses and buildings up to date. Municipalities store this information in the National Facility for the Basic Registration of Addresses and Buildings (BAGLV). The Land Registry OfficeExternal link (Kadaster) manages the National Facility and makes the data available to governments, companies, institutions and citizens.

Providing BAG data only once

If a government organisation asks you to provide data that has already been recorded in the BAG, you are not obliged to do so. You only have to provide information, such as a change of address, once to a government organisation. This information should then be available to other government agencies as well.

Using BAG data for commercial purposes

You may use the data from the BAG, including all postal codes, without any restrictions. For example, for creating applications (apps) for smartphones or tablets.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

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