Compulsory insurance for foreign seafarers

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Do you employ seafaring personnel from outside the EU on a Dutch-flagged ship? You must register these employees with the Association Sea-Risk 1967 (Vereniging Zee-Risico 1967, ZR 67). This way seafarers who are not covered by social security will receive benefits in case of illness or work-related accidents.

When is registration required?

You are required to register non-EU employees (in Dutch) with ZR 67 when:

  • The employee on your Dutch-flagged ship lives in a country with which the Netherlands has not concluded a treaty on social security.
  • You employ someone under a Dutch employment contract with a who is not insured under the Sickness Benefits Act (Ziektewet) (nor under a comparable regulation from an EEA country) on a ship sailing under a foreign flag

ZR 67 collects the premiums for any employee who is subject to registration. In case of illness or accidents, ZR 67 pays the benefits. To find out if you need to register your seafaring personnel with ZR 67, you can use their Dutch-language tool.

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