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COVID-19 Bonus for professionals in the care sector

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Are you a care provider, care professional or do you work in a care institution in another professional capacity such as cleaner? You may be eligible for the COVID-19 bonus for workers in the care sector. The bonus amounts to €1,000 net per employee. Only employers or clients can file an application.

Who can apply?

Only employers or clients of care professionals can apply for this bonus (in Dutch). As a care provider you can apply for your employees. It makes no difference if they work for you on a permanent basis, as self-employed professionals (zzp’ers) or as temporary (agency) workers. Care providers in this respect can be a private-law legal entity, an organisational partnership of individuals or natural persons. Eligible care providers are among others those who:

  • were registered with the Chamber of Commerce on 1 September 2020 with at least 2 employees and with an SBI code that is on the list of codes (in Dutch).
  • provide professional healthcare under the Healthcare Insurance Act (Zorgverzekeringswet), the Long-term Care Act (Wet langdurige zorg, Wlz) or the Public Health Act (Wet publieke gezondheid) or cause it to be provided
  • provide youth care as specifiied in the Youth Act (article 1.1)
  • provide (health)care and support under the Social Support Act (Wet Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning, Wmo)

You can check all eligible providers on DUS-I's website (in Dutch).

Who can you apply for?

You can apply if you think your care professionals such as a nurses, carers or cleaners (in Dutch) have delivered an outstanding performance in the period 1 March until 1 September. You decide who qualifies. You will receive the bonus of €1,000 plus an amount to cover taxes. This way you can pay out the net amount of €1,000 to the professionals involved. Care providers can apply for staff if they:

  • have taken care of patients and/or clients suffering from COVID-19, such as providing care, nursing, support, treatment or engaging in triage
  • have contributed to the effort in battling the disease, for instance worked extra hours, have covered for colleagues or performed tasks that have helped to minimise the spread of the virus
  • have worked for you in the period 1 March until 1 September 2020. It makes no difference if they were working on a permanent contract, fixed term or on a temporary basis or as a self-employed professional
  • do not earn more than €73,000 per year on a full-time basis. For self-employed professionals and temporary (agency) workers an hourly rate has been determined.
  • have a job description that is included in the list of all professions and positions (in Dutch). Note that this list is an indication and you may deviate from it, for instance if your job description is not an exact match, but the activities are the same.

You can read all conditions in the Guideline Care Bonus COVID-19 (Handreiking Zorgbonus COVID-19, in Dutch).

For care professionals who are employed via a personal care budget (pgb) you can find all conditions on the Dutch government's website (pdf, in Dutch).

Please note: If you are care professional and you comply with the conditions, you should ask your employer or customer to apply for this bonus for you. Only care providers decide who qualifies and can subsequently apply.

How to apply?

The application periods for this measure are now closed, you can no longer apply.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO