Health Deals

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Are you involved in healthcare innovation? And would you like help to move your innovation beyond your local hospital or region? If you work on a machine or on streamlining processes in healthcare that benefit both patients and the bottom line, you may be able to close a Health Deal. You can also join an existing Health Deal.

A Health Deal is a collaboration between you, (private) partners and the government to ease the implementation of your innovation. The government offers access to networks, knowledge and experience, but does not give financial support.

When do you qualify?

You can qualify for a Health Deal if you meet the government’s requirements (in Dutch), among others:

  • your healthcare innovation has societal impact. For instance by improving quality of life for patients or increasing integrated care efficiency
  • patients and users are actively involved with your innovation
  • you have one or more partners, such as healthcare facilities, research institutes, insurers, public-sector organisations, or local government. At least 1 of the participants is a private party.
  • you need knowledge, experience or contacts the government can provide

Existing Health Deals

You can join an existing Health Deal (in Dutch) as a new party. You can for instance offer specific knowledge that contributes to the goals of the Health Deal.

How to apply?

You can apply for a Health Deal year-round. You can do so by contacting the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). If you want to join an existing Health Deal you should also contact RVO.

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