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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Do you own an SME and do you want to grow your business by digitising? You can apply for the subsidy My Digital Business (Mijn Digitale Zaak).

The My Digital Business subsidy (in Dutch) is intended for the purchase of technology and for advice on digitising your business. The subsidy is for 50% of the costs up to a maximum of €2,500, of which no more than €500 is for advisory costs. Your costs should amount to at least €1,000.

When do you qualify?

You can apply for the My Digital Business subsidy if you meet the conditions (in Dutch). For example, if, at the end of the previous fiscal year, your business:

  • had no more than 50 employees, and
  • a yearly turnover less than €10 million, and
  • did not exceed the de minimis ceiling.

You can use the Dutch Chamber of Commerce’s (KVK) digitisation scan (in Dutch) for advice and a roadmap. Note that you have to do the scan before you can apply for the subsidy.

How to apply?

You cannot apply at the moment. You could apply for the My Digital Business subsidy until 14 July 2023 17:00 hours to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO, in Dutch).

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